Jammin’ at the Museum: The “DinoJam”

The Digital Media and Marketing department at the Natural History Museum has started a blog, and this is our first post! Our department is made up of four cross-discipline product teams, with each team consisting of product managers, designers, developers, content writers, data analysts and marketeers. Our blog posts will give an insight into our work and life at the Museum and we hope you’ll find them interesting and useful!

On the 22nd and 23rd March the Natural History Museum held its first ever Design Jam. Organised by the Digital Media and Marketing department, the event was called “Dino Jam” to provoke discussion and to demonstrate a break from routine work. It had two main objectives: 1) to think of new ideas for our Dino Directory website (which we’re in the process of redesigning, by the way – keep your eyes peeled) and 2) to bring together as many people from as many departments across the Museum as possible. It was a very enjoyable couple of days where we learned a lot and took away loads of ideas which we’re hoping to progress in due course. Continue reading “Jammin’ at the Museum: The “DinoJam””