Hintze Hall (circa 1975) with it’s central rhino and hippo display (PH/3/7/23/3)

Black and white photograph taken in about 1975, photographer was standing to the right (west) of the main staircase and facing into the centre of Hintze Hall, looking towards the main entrance. The central focus is a large white raised display unit, with four steps in the middle. The left hand side of the display is slightly higher and on top can be clearly seen two adult rhinoceros and in the middle of them a young calf. On the right hand side corner facing the photographer are two hippopotamus, a young one and an adult with it's mouth open wide. Behind on the rear right and facing away from the photographer can be seen, an adult elephant on the left and a very small young calf to it's right. Rising up from the centre of the display are four very tall panels topped off with an octagonal shaped top. The four steps lead visitors up and through this paneled display. Text can be seen on the inside of the panels.

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