Autumn BioBlitz in the Wildlife Garden | Citizen science

Come and join Museum scientists, naturalists and other nature enthusiasts for a fun day of discovering wildlife in the heart of London!

The BioBlitz is back at the Natural History Museum on Thursday 25 October 2018. Head to the Wildlife Garden in the Orange Zone of the Museum and prepare to step into a world full of wildlife ready to be explored.

Bioblitz 30_05_18-70 compressed
Butterfly survey with Museum scientist Geoff Martin

A BioBlitz is a race against the clock to find and record as many living things as possible within a specific area over a set period of time. These observations, which you will help to gather, are then used for scientific research and environmental monitoring by our wildlife garden managers and are shared with scientists in the UK and abroad.

We discovered 12 species that had never been recorded in the Wildlife Garden before when we BioBlitzed in May half term – three spiders, seven flies, an aphid and a moth. It just shows that if you look carefully, there are new and exciting things to discover even in our own gardens! What will we find this time round?

A BioBlitz is a great family day out with free activities to take part in such as pond dipping, guided walks, a beetle survey, an earthworm survey and more.  There are also a number of self-guided activities that you can try on the day – you can have a go at a tree trail or grab a pot and an identification guide and hunt for bugs in the garden.

Bioblitz 30_05_18-84 compressed
Bug hunting in the Wildlife Garden 

And don’t forget the BioBlitz is part of our Half-Term Family Festival and there are even more activities to enjoy inside and outside the Museum.

Join us this Thursday from 11:00 until 16:30 in the Wildlife Garden of the Natural History Museum and who knows what you might find?!



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