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With lengthening days, intermittent showers and the creeping return of greenery to the streets, there is one thing about this time of year that we can all rejoice in: the return of spring and summer. There is no denying that warmer weather, brighter days and leafy walks to work is enough to lift anyone’s spirits, and here at the Museum we have been putting together a collection of gifts in honor of one of the most significant happenings of the season. With the distant chiming of bells in mind we have put together a collection of gifts and small favours true to the natural beauty of a very momentous occasion – and no, it’s not our recent 135th birthday either.

Photo showing Life is sweet lollies with the Museum as a backdrop
Life is sweet with our raspberry lolly favours

Summer is of course the season of weddings, and what better way to celebrate this beautiful event than by some small reminders of the natural splendor of the earth, incorporated into the big day. But where did wedding favours come from? And why do we still use them? Surprisingly, this centuries old tradition has quite an extensive history of it’s own!

The earliest European wedding favours we know about date back to the 18th Century, and took the form of a small treats given to guests at aristocratic weddings as a symbol of gratitude from the bride and groom. These were known as bonbonnière’s, and were trinket boxes made of crystal, porcelain or precious stones. Usually used to hold sweets or sugar cubes – these delicate boxes were seen as lucky charms and were the preserve of the wealthy.

Here at the Museum we are fortunate enough to have some of the finest collections of gem and mineral stones in our world renowned mineral gallery. We also have some splendid collections of mineral keepsake’s on sale in our shop, so that the public can take a small memento of the natural earth away with them.

Below are examples of the some of the new wedding favours available from the Museum shop, which include gemstone hearts and dazzling agate crystals – both of which bring the history and antiquity of traditional bonbonnière’s to life!

Photo showing 4 of the cards plus favours in a grid layout
Just some of the gemstone favours that we offer

Combining past traditions with the present, these agate stones will make the perfect table top ornaments to any contemporary wedding. Each piece is unique and will add a sparkle of colour to the table.

Photo showing a heart shaped layout of favours with a candle holder at its centre
Mineral candle holders make beautiful centre pieces

Flowers have been an important aspect of wedding ceremonies for hundreds of years, both symbolically and aesthetically, and continue to play a large role in contemporary wedding ceremonies all over the world. Whether for their role in practices such as tossing the bridal bouquet, or for adding an extra fragrant touch to the party, flowers have remained an integral feature of wedding ceremonies throughout history.

We have combined floral imagery with the practicality of providing a small wedding favour with these useful, delicate ceramic buttons and earrings. Ideal as wedding gifts and trinkets for guests to take home, these small delights are suitable for both adults and children.

Photo of the ceramics from above in a X-shaped lay out
Delicate ceramic jewellery from our Sensational Butterflies range

One favour that has remained a staple to weddings throughout history – and something anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate – is of course the age old tradition of giving away sweets. What better way to impart a lingering sense of sweetness to the whole day than to give your nearest and dearest some edible delights. Sure to go down well with any children present, our range of sweets here at the Museum make ideal small gifts that everyone will enjoy.

Photo showing 3 of the lollies from the side
Chocolate dinosaur lollies are ideal for the children’s table

Containing everything you need to make the special day exceptional, our new range of small gifts and wedding favours will make a beautiful accompaniment to any wedding. Whether you are looking to add a touch of history to the big day, or just want to enjoy some treats, these gift idea’s will be sure to add a touch of something different to the big day.

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