03 Wasps: 100,000 species and counting with Gavin Broad | #NHM_Live S1E3

Gavin Broad, Curator of Hymenoptera talks to Alison Shean about the huge variety of wasps in nature and why they are so undeserving of their bad reputation. Learn about wasps that build nests, make honey and even practise mindcontrol.

You can take part in a wasp-based #CitizenScience project with Miniature Lives Magnified: https://www.notesfromnature.org/active-expeditions/Magnified — at Natural History Museum, London.

Series 1 of NHM_Live was recorded live in February 2017. We’d love you to join us for our new series which will start in June. Go to https://www.facebook.com/naturalhistorymuseum/ to find out more.

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